Viticulture Winemaking Blending


Our two estate vineyards located in the Stags Leap District and Carneros AVA’s provide us the optimum growing conditions for each of the Bordeaux varietals we grow.  Both vineyards are planted and harvested in very small blocks according to the specific “terroirs” within the vineyards.

Stags Leap District Estate Vineyard (Wappo Hill)

Carneros District Estate Vineyard

During harvest individual blocks are picked in very small parcels ensuring that each of the selected clusters have achieved optimum ripeness and physiological maturity. The harvested fruit is then immediately delivered to our crush pad where our labor intensive sorting commences, utilizing a combination of cutting edge technology and good old-fashioned manpower. These intensive sorting procedures ensure that only the “best of the best” grapes we have grown for the season will be chosen to produce our wine.