Viticulture Winemaking Blending


Combining old-world winemaking traditions with state of the art technology is the fundamental principal of Hartwell Estate Vineyards production philosophy. The meticulously sorted fruit enters the winery without the use of pumps and flows through the entire winemaking process using gravity and man-power.  The small individual lots of fruit will all be fermented separately using a combination of several different primary fermentation vessels.  These include Taransaud wood fermenters, Custom built French concrete fermentation tanks and our newest addition, the Concrete Egg.  Each of these vessels  enhances different elements of the finished wine. Certain designated lots will even be fermented in single French oak barriques to ensure the consistency of our single parcel wines.

Long, slow, carefully controlled maceration of the grapes on the skins occurs anywhere from two weeks to two months depending on the varietal and the vintage.  Our custom built fermentation tanks maximize the juice to skin contact without requiring “pump-overs” which can damage the young wine. Once primary fermentation is completed each parcel of wine is transferred into new imported French oak barrels produced by several different coopers including our prized Taransaud T5 barrels. The individual lots are aged separately up to two years before the blending process begins. By combining the best features of each separate and distinctive wine together to form the final bottling, our blending process ensures that we maintain a consistency of style and excellence from vintage to vintage.